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Pat Finn

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The actor's name is Pat Finn. He's a funny guy but I don't get Toyota's intent for his character. What's the message? "Morons buy Toyotas"?

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Kristen O'Meara

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Q: Who plays pats wife in Toyota commercials?
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Who is the actress who plays the wife of the guy called buzzsaw in the Toyota commercial?

Milly Erdman (known more from her Sonic ''Couple'' tv commercials)

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Who is the actress playing buzzsaw's wife in the current Toyota tv ad?

Molly Erdman from the Sonic Commercials?

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Do you mean the actress in the Toyotathon "Buzzsaw" commercial. If so, it's Molly Erdman who appeared in Sonic commercials as the wife to Brian Huskey's character. Huskey is the preppy dad who drives the "Swagger Wagon" in the Toyota Sienna commercials.

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