Who were Walter Payton's enemies?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Who were Walter Payton's enemies?
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What is Walter Paytons wife name?

Walter Paytons Wifes name is Connie

What is Walter Paytons mickname?

They called him "Sweetness."

What was Walter Paytons father and mothers name?


Stats in Walter Payton's high school years?

walter paytons highschool stats

What was Walter Paytons vertical jump?

I beleave he was 5'8" from what I remember from his book

Walter Paytons nickname?

Walter Payton nickname is "Sweetness"

Where is Walter Paytons home town?

Walter Payton was born in Columbia, Mississippi and graduated from Jefferson High School in Columbia.

Did Walter Camp have enemies?


What year was Walter Paytons jersey retired?

In 1987 the last year he played for the Bears

What are some of Walter Paytons speaches?

"before i came up here me and my son had a bet over who would cry first and right now i don't care if i lose that bet"

Can Matt Forte become the greatest bears rusher of all-time?

yes, he already set rookie single-season rushing record (even better then Walter paytons rushing on his rookie season)

Is Brittney paytons boyfriend white?

Yes.. they are engaged