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Athletics require strong shoes tied up with reliable laces. The laces need to be long so that an athlete can tie over the ankle to get a confident grip from the shoes. Athletic shoe laces are made of super high-tech fibre that last long, and are highly flexible. You can shop for the laces available in all price ranges, and for all types athletic shoes.

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right, basically the laces on sports shoes are so long because you can't make them shorter.. the machines used cant handle making shorter laces for some odd reason.. :\ <3

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Q: Why do athletic shoes have such long shoe laces?
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What do you call a shoe that has no laces?

'Loafers' are slip-on shoes that have no laces.

Where can one buy shoe laces for any pair of shoes?

You can buy shoes laces for any pair of shoes in a number of different places. Some places you can buy shoe laces from are Finish Line and Footlocker. You can also buy shoe laces online.

What is Loafer shoes?

A slip-on style shoe, no laces.

Why does shoes have tongues?

The shoe has a tongue to protect the top of your foot and to keep your laces from rubbing on your foot. mostlyfound on shoes that have laces

Why do shoes have laces?

Shoes have laces because it is suppose to be less damaging to the shoe and provide a tighter fit and look nice.

What materials can be used to make the laces of the shoes?

shoe laces are only made up of nylon

What types of shoes are Cheaney shoes?

Cheaney shoes are a type of shoe with a unique style to them with laces. It has a leather look to it. These shoes are almost what you call an average shoe.

What is a rams head knot?

a tying knot for shoe laces on shoes!

How do you put the shoe laces into converse?

Well, originally you put the laces over the hole. Same with all kinds of shoes.

What brand of shoes does ray william johnson wear?

He wears DC shoes without shoe laces

What are those things that attaches to the shoes?

Legs? Feet? Maybe shoe-laces?

Does Mizuno carry shoe laces for fitness exercise?

If you go to a running shoe store you may be able to find Mizuno brand shoe laces but there are also a variety of other laces that are designed specifically for different purposes. Speaking to a sales associate at a sports and shoes store may help you find what types of laces are best for you fitness needs based on how you wear and tie your shoes.