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Q: Why does Kevin gates have those tear drops?
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Did Kevin Gates ever kill anyone?

No he did not some of his family members died, same as a lot of rappers they have a tear drop by there eye because either one of there loved or one of there friend's died, and if that answered your question your welcome.

Does lil waine have a tear drop?

Every tear drops its to each member of his family that has died.

What song has never let a tear drop fall in it?

tear drops on my guitar by Taylor swift.

Can you get sick from putting tear drops in your drink?


Where in the song tear drops on your guitar does it have a simile in it?

It doesn't.

What r the symbols of extreme unction?

tear drops

Is there sulphuric acid in tear drops?

no it is mostly salt and water

Where can you listen to the original version of 'tear drops on my gitaur'?

you tube

What does gucci mane tear drops?

He killed 3 nig

What do the three tear drops on Lil Wayne's face symbolize?

That your fat

What happens when you put tear drops in someones drink?

nothing. but if you put EYE drops in someones drink they will have an intestinal situation.

Are rain drops really tear shaped?

yes they are shaped like tears