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Q: Why doesn't More like being called a saint by Chapuys?
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Why is saint dane called saint dane?

I think it has something to do with him being a soldier in the war for halla.

What is the name called when a person become a saint?

It is called being canonized or canonization

What age was Saint Brigid when she was a saint?

Brigid had stopped aging when she became a saint as she had died. Being dead is the first requirement for being declared a saint.

Why is he called Saint Nicholas?

Saint Nicholas is called a saint because of his reputation for being a Christian bishop known for his generosity and compassion towards those in need. He was later canonized by the Catholic Church, becoming known as Saint Nicholas.

What are people from Saint Lucia called?

People from Saint Lucia are called Saint Lucian

How long was Saint Emily a saint?

Emily never stopped being a saint. She is still a saint.

Which saint called himself the 'Beloved Saint'?

Saint John the Apostle.

Why is Saint Francis of Assisi called the green saint?

saint francis was called a green saint, i think because he looked after the enviroment and nature also animals

Is there a saint called Saint Emma Louise?

There is no saint named Emma Louise.

Is there a saint called Melody?

There is no saint named Melodie.

Is there a saint called Serene?

There is no saint named Serene.

Why is Saint Patrick27s Day called Saint Patrick27s Day?

There is no Saint Patrick27 Day.