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Q: Why might Atalanta prefer not to marry?
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What happened to Atalanta after Meleager died?

She swore that she would never marry.

What are some qualities of Atalanta?

Atalanta is a good soldier, able-bodied, swift and a fast runner that she declared that she would only marry the man who would outrun her on a race.

What is the name of the mythological runner?

The most famous "runner" in the Greek and Roman mythologies is Atalanta. According to the mythologies, Atalanta was the daughter or Iasus who was king of the Arcadians. Iasus wanted a son, so when Atalanta was born, he abandoned her on top of a mountain. Atalanta survived and grew up in the wilderness, where she became a fierce hunter and gave an oath of virginity to the goddess Artemis. Eventually, Iasus re-discovered her and wanted her to marry. Not wanting to be married, Atalanta agreed to marry only if her suitors could beat her in a footrace, but if they lost to her, then they'd be killed. After many attempts (and with some trickery) Hippomenes was able to defeat Atalanta in a race and marry her.

What does the character 'Atalanta' in Greek mythology represent?

In Greek mythology, Atalanta is a virgin who hunts and does not want to marry. She is loved by Meleager. She was left to die on a mountain by her father and was raised as a huntress and later reunited with her father.

Why did Atalanta race her suitors?

Because she didn't want to marry and she knew that she was the fastest runner. She would challenge suitors to race her and she always won, meaning that she didn't have to marry them.

Whom did Atalanta marry?

The one who beat her in a foot race. Some sources say it was Hippomenes, others say Melanion.

What was the condition atalanta set for a possible husband?

Atalanta, a character in Greek mythology, set the condition that any suitor who wished to marry her must first defeat her in a footrace. She was a skilled runner and believed that only someone who could outrun her deserved to be her husband.

Who was Atalanta?

Atalanta was a heroine in Greek mythology.

Who nursed Atalanta?

Atalanta was nursed by a she-bear.

Is the use of the name Atalanta in As you like it by Shakespeare an allusion?

Yes Atalanta (not spelled or pronounced like the city in Georgia) is referred to twice in As You Like It. In one of the poems Orlando pins to the trees he talks about Rosalind having "Alalanta's better part." Later Jaques says "You have a nimble wit; I think 'twas made of Atalanta's heels." The allusion is to the legendary Atalanta who wished to remain unmarried and so challenged any suitors to a footrace. If the suitor outran Atalanta he could marry her; if she won, he lost his life. Atalanta could outrun anyone, but was defeated by a man called Hippomenes who distracted her by throwing irresistible golden apples at her feet.

Why was Atalanta a hero?

Atalanta was a hero because she was the only women to sail with Jason on his way to the Golden Fleece! All though this is quite good this is not why she is famous in Greece. She was famous in Greece because she was an athlete but she lost a race so she was made to marry this ugly old man!

How did Atalanta die?

atalanta was turned into a lion with hippomenes