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White Nike Afterparty Mule

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Q: You are looking for the blue Nike afterparty shoe?
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Where can you buy nike mule shoes sold in 2005 Im looking for a certain name shoe?

I think you are looking for the Nike "afterparty". They are hard to find, but sometimes on ebay, and zappos.

Where can I get Nike air max 2012 for men?

If you are looking to get Nike Air Max 2012 for your fitness, I say You should go to a Nike Shoe Store, or go to a clothing store to find these in the mens shoe area.

When did the Nike shoe company come into business?

The Nike company was technically started in 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports. After several years, they introduced a shoe line named Nike after the Greek goddess of victory, and ultimately renamed their company to Nike in 1978.

What are some good Nike Pegasus wiki shoes that are not too expensive?

The Nike pegasus shoe is a good running shoe that is less expensive than other Nike running shoes. If you're looking for the cheapest version of Nike look into the Nike free running shoe line. They are cheaper than the pegasus and just as good.

Where can I find some Nike woman's running shoes?

There are a bunch of places to buy Nike woman's running shoes, you should try looking online on the Nike shoe website, or just go to a regular shoe store

Do you know a site for reviews on the Nike trail running shoes?

If you are looking for reviews on a Nike trail running shoe I suggest the official Nike site where they can tell you the specs of the shoe and customer reviews, or at a site called Runner's World.

Does the Nike shoe sensor come with the Nike Fuelband?

No, the shoe sensor does not come with the Nike Fuelband,

What was the first Nike shoe called?

They've come a long way! : ) pic...

Where can I find a Nike lunar eclipse running shoe?

I know that you can find nike luner eclipse running shoe's online at And if it's discount's you are looking for than look no further than or

Where did nike shoe company come into business?

it was originally called blue ribbon sports and was started in Oregon.

Was the first Nike shoe put out in 1982?

No before nike was the name of the company , it was Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) (1962-1978) then they changed it in nike . What also means Greek God. Nike now exist (1978 - 2...)

What are some running shoe stores located in San Diego?

Some running shoe stores in San Diego include Footlocker, Payless, Nike Factory, and other shoe stores. You can check them out yourself by looking at a map or looking online.