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Q: According to the research of fiedler which three situational factors are important in determining leader effectiveness?
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Which factor is most important in determining the effectiveness of an interest?

It's size- Gradpoint

Which factor is most important in determining the effectiveness of an interest group?

It's size- Gradpoint

Which factor most important in determining the effectiveness of an interest group?

It's size- Gradpoint

What criteria would you use to compare and contrast leadership models?

When comparing and contrasting leadership models, key criteria to consider include the underlying philosophy or approach, the leader-follower dynamic, the emphasis on traits, behaviors, or situational factors, and the effectiveness in different organizational contexts. Additionally, factors such as adaptability, inclusivity, and ethical considerations can also be important in evaluating leadership models.

What is more important efficiency or effectiveness?


What is most important for the organization efficiency or effectiveness?


Why is map tracking important to military?

Map tracking is important to the military because it allows them to visualize and navigate through terrain, plan strategic movements, coordinate troop deployments, identify key locations, and maintain situational awareness. Mapping also helps in decision-making processes, such as determining the best routes, assessing threats, and supporting effective communication between different units. Overall, map tracking is a crucial tool that enhances operational effectiveness and ensures mission success for the military.

What is situational awareness and why is it important?

Situational awareness is the ability to perceive and understand one's environment, identify potential threats or opportunities, and make informed decisions based on that awareness. It is important to maintain situational awareness in order to stay safe, respond effectively to changing circumstances, and improve overall decision-making in various situations.

Does color affect the effectivness of sanitizer?

No, the color of sanitizer does not affect its effectiveness. The active ingredients in the sanitizer are what determine its ability to kill germs and bacteria, not its color. It is important to use sanitizer according to the manufacturer's instructions for optimal effectiveness.

What is situational variable?

A situational variable is a factor that can influence behavior in a specific situation. These variables can include environmental factors, social norms, or specific circumstances that impact how individuals act or respond in different situations. Understanding situational variables is important in psychology and sociology to predict and explain behavior.

What is the Meaning of management efficiency and effectiveness?

Between efficiency and effectiveness which one is more important for performance

Which machine is more efficient?

It depends on what you mean by efficient. The efficiency of a machine can be measured in terms of energy consumption, productivity, or cost-effectiveness. It's important to consider the specific requirements and goals when determining which machine is more efficient for a particular task.