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Q: Did zidane wear long sleeve shirt in 05 06?
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What do people wear in prince edwarde island?

You should wear shorts and a short sleeve or a muscle shirt in the summer and pants and a long sleeve shirt for winter. Because they have pretty harsh winters

Should you wear sweat pants and long sleeve shirt on a cloudy day?

you should wear sweat pants and long sleeved shirt it would look amazing

Why does ll cool j wear long sleeve shirt on ncsi?

cause of his tatt's

What pants to wear in 57 degree weather?

Um u can wear long pants and a tank or tee shirt or wear shorts with a long sleeve shirt and hoodie

What color shirt did Bella wear when she first met the whole Cullen family?

Shw wore a long sleeve Blue shirt.

What should you wear ona 62 degree day?

Long sleeve shirt,jeans and a light jacket.

What did Pablo Picasso wear?

He wore a shirt under a long sleeve vest and sometimes with a French hat.

What do you wear under a vest?

Normally the vest looks better with a colour coordinated long sleeve shirt. But, if its really warm out a short sleeve shirt will do. Its all in your opinion.

Where in Phoenix Arizona can you buy a black Slipknot long button sleeve shirt?

why would you even want to wear that...

What clothes should you wear for paintball in the summer?

If you are afraid of getting hurt, I would go with the long sleeve shirt and light pants. If you know you will be fine and do not care, then just wear a dark short sleeve t-shirt (to blend into your surroundings) and athletic shorts.

Can you wear a neck tie to a short sleeve polo shirt?

A tie on a short sleeve shirt does not look good. It would be a fashion faux paux.

What clothes did girl bushrangers wear?

they wore underwear and a long sleeve t-shirt and a skirt with pants then tight underneath that