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8 dollars.

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Q: How much do dominos shift managers make hourly?
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How much does finish line pay managers?

It depends. A manager in training can make somewhere in the neighbor hood of 12.00 hourly and assistant managers make about 10.00 hourly.

Hourly wage for department managers?

The hourly wage for most department managers in retail is 10 to 12 dollars an hour. Department managers in large corporations may make 50,000 to 60,000 dollars a year or more.

What does a McDonald's shift manager earn?

In the Bryan/College Station Area, The Mcdonalds are all Corp. So the pay is pretty decent. Hourly Managers range form 8.75 to 11.50, at that point, it tops out. Hourly managers also get bouns. Starting salary pay is 27,000 and bouns starting at 7,600 a year if you meet the requirements.

What does a Peet's coffee manager make?

PeetÕs Coffee & Tea pay their store managers around $43,000 per year. $11.10 to $20.66 is the hourly wage managers are paid.

How much does a hospital housekeeper make hourly?

1st shift in NJ makes $10.20 an hour. 2nd Shift makes 10% more, and 3rd Shift makes 15% more. I work 2nd shift and make 11.22$ an Hour.

How much does housekeeping make in a hospital hourly?

1st shift in NJ makes $10.20 an hour. 2nd Shift makes 10% more, and 3rd Shift makes 15% more. I work 2nd shift and make 11.22$ an Hour.

What are shift differentials?

Shift differentials are incentives added to hourly pay for working second and third shifts. This is a good way to make some extra money.

How much does a RN make hourly on average?

well depending on yourtraining you have some make up to 22.60 a hour which is base on a 24 hour shift.

How much is KFC s salary?

You can earn between 7 and 8 dollars an hour starting out. Shift managers can make 9 to 10 dollars an hour and managers make a salary of around 30,000 a year.

How much does a department manager make at HEB grocery store make?

Depending on what type of dept. they are running and whether they are hourly or salary. Sub dept. managers such as floral, healthy living and cosmetics make less and stay hourly. Grocery, GM, Market, Bakery and Deli all can make around $70-$80 grand a year but are salary.

What is the average salary for an Arby's shift manager in Florida?

It depends on your experience level and location. in Florida shift managers at Arbys make 8.50-10.00/hour you work from 38-47 hours/week.

What does a movie theater manager get paid.?

Managers are usually paid hourly. It depends on the theatre and the state. I work at a theatre and the manager are hourly besides the high up General and Senior manager, all others are hourly. This ranges from $11 to $16 /Hour.