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Yes, the word choreographer is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for someone whose job is to plan the movements that dancers perform on stage.

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Q: Is choreographer a noun
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A person who designs or plans the movements of a dance?

The Choreographer

What is the person who teaches you dance moves called?

Choreographer Choreographer

Who was the choreographer for Oklahoma the 1955 film?

who was the choreographer for the1955movie Oklahoma

Why would a choreographer work with dancers?

A choreographer is a dance professional who creates dance routines. A choreographer would work with dancers to teach them a dance routine, but the choreographer doesn't have to be the one to teach the steps. A dance captain or dance instructor can teach the steps that a choreographer creates.

What actors and actresses appeared in In Public Space - 2000?

The cast of In Public Space - 2000 includes: Elise Brewin as Choreographer Lydia Bueschel as Choreographer Jo Kreiter as Choreographer Elizabeth Solomon as Choreographer

What sort of entertainment does a choreographer plan?

A choreographer is basically the director of dance.

Who is choreographer of hips don't lie?

Indian choreographer Farah Khan.

Is heather Morris glee's choreographer?

No, the Glee choreographer is Zach Woodlee.

Who is the Choreographer to ciara's video work?

Jamaica Craft is the choreographer for Ciara's "Work".

Shahid Kapoor was part of which Choreographer's Dance Troop?

he was a choreographer in shamak dawar.

When was Hermes Pan - choreographer - born?

Hermes Pan - choreographer - was born in 1910.

When was Peter Royston - choreographer - born?

Peter Royston - choreographer - was born in 1952.