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yes. it depends on how you use it

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Q: Is demanding and bossy synonyms
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What are synonyms of arbitrary?

Inconsistent, irresponsible, dominating, bossy.

What are synonyms of imperious?

Some synonyms of "imperious" are domineering, authoritative, commanding, and bossy.

What does the name Sharelle mean?

it means Steuben, hard headed and demanding. bossy little madam.

What are synonyms of the word challenge?

contest, interrogation, test, demanding

What are synonyms for gruelling?

exhausting, demanding, tiring, severe, taxing, punishing, strenuous, arduous

How does one get characterized as fabulous?

To be fabulous is often associated with being luxurious. Also synonmous with glamourous. It can also be associated with being a diva, or bossy and demanding.

Is bossy a bad word?

"Bossy" can have negative connotations as it is often used to describe someone who is domineering, controlling, or demanding in an unpleasant way. It is better to use specific and constructive language when discussing someone's behavior instead of using potentially hurtful labels like "bossy."

What are synonyms for exacting?

demanding, hard, taxing, difficult, tough, strict, severe, harsh, rigorous, stringent

A character trait for Captain Andrew Jaggery?

Authoritative. Captain Jaggery is depicted as authoritative in his leadership style, often demanding strict obedience and discipline from his crew on board the ship.

Which birth sign is the most demanding?

It's either Aries or Leo. Both signs are equally bossy and stubborn. But Aries is quite more pushy and forceful. So I guess it could be Aries.

What are 5 examples of bossy in sentences?

Her friend was bossy. Why are you so bossy? His coworkers did not like his bossy attitude. The boy rebelled because he thought his parents were too bossy. Being bossy is not a good way to have a lot of friends.

Another name for bossy?

Bossy boots