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Purple monkey dishwasher

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Q: Is manager's job generic
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What is generic example of job title?

Examples of generic job titles are:authorchemistcontractordancerdoctorinvestigatorinspectormanagermusicianperformerproducerprofessorscientistteachertherapist

Is a managers job secure?

The simple answer is - No job is secure anymore.

Why do bands need managers?

So bands can get on with their main job - making music - while their managers get on with their main job - making money.

Do acting managers usually get the managers job?

No they do not always get the job. It depends on the organization, what type of individuals they are looking for, and who they feel is the right fit for the position.

When business managers are asked to list the communication skills most crucial to the job what are the referring to?

When business managers are asked to list the communication skills most crucial to their job, they usually rank ______ number one.

What aggregate measure allows managers to assess how happy an employee is with the many different factors at his or her job?

Job satisfaction

Managers are made not bornDiscuss?

Most would argue that managers are born. This is because these managers personality favors being the boss, knowing what to do under stress, and being determined to get the job done.

Are there role plays scenarios for bank managers?

There are role play scenarios for bank managers. They can be found in organizational behavior classes and job training seminars.

The communication used by managers to provide job instructions is communication?

downward communication

Does the manager do one job?

the managers job is hardest to get money and give it away and everything that you or the cleaning lady dont do themanager does it

Unethical conduct of managers in an organization?

* short and hot tempered managers due to family problems. When managers bring family issue to the workplace may result to poor performance *managers blaming his/her employee on his/her own fault. *No reward when someone done an extraordinary job

How do you think Chucks job compares with the typical managers job?

Chuck Bartowski from Chuck? He never got the manager's job, I think you're in the wrong category.