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the two main characteristic of hrm -

1. to realize the employees self actualization and self motivation to the fullest. recruit employees well trained and well motivated so that the organization and employees both are benefited

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Q: List two characteristics of Human Resource Management?
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Define Human Resource Management and list and explain it's functions?

human resource management is the term used to describe formal system devised for the management of people within an organization. its functions are planning, staffing, directing, controlling and organising.

What are new topics for human resource management for summer training project report?

There are plenty of topics in human resource management for summer training project report. However, sometimes it is best to ask the HR department of the company on their pressing issues, which will give you a great list of topics to choose from.

List of positions in a company?

human resource, executive assistant and acounts assistant

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Define Human Resource Management and list and explain it?

People who try hard to decrease costs and to provide a service or product unique to customers, can increase their own value as employees and that of the company. Organisations also use empowerment programs, quality initiatives, and strive for continual improvement in order to increase the value that employees bring to the company.” Which of the criteria used in human resource management does this refer to?

What are some challenges facing human resource?

There are multiple challenges facing personnel and human resources management. At the top of the list is remaining compliant with all laws regarding employment, health care and privacy. These departments must attempt to keep an open door policy without allowing access to confidential information.

What kind of software do you need if you Manage the Human Resource deptartment?

There are many kinds of human resources software, like tracking, hours, photo IDs, etc. has a good list of the different kind of categories of human resource department can utilize.

What classes would I need to take for an Human Resource Degree?

For an MBA in Human Resources, you would need to take various classes such as Labor Relations, Employment Law, and Compensation. This website ( gives a more detailed list of classes that would be needed, as well as some additional educational information.

List some adverse affect of unemployment?

* Unhappy people * Decrease in human resource leading to a decrease in production * Decrease in spending

Where should one look for project management jobs?

Project management positions can be found in most corporate sectors. Human resource managers often list open positions for internal hiring and if there are no qualified applicants they can outsource the search process to sites like Monster. Some of the top companies hiring for project managers include Intel, IDM, Google and Bing.

List and explain the 3 types of functions a typical Human Resource Manager performs in a company?

recruiters, job analysts and training specialists

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