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The dog owners association in Florida has the full list of dog trainings schools in the state. There are also private dog instructors which you can hire to train your dogs at home.

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Q: What Florida schools offer dog training?
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What schools offer dog training certification programs?

There are many different schools that offer dog training certification programs. Penn Foster and Animal Behavior College are two such resources that offer training.

Where can I learn how to become a dog trainer?

There are many schools around the nation that offer dog training certification courses. One of the best being the University of Animal Sciences which is located in Miami Florida.

What schools are good for animal training?

Triple Crown Dog Academy is a very reputable school for professional dog trainers, and they also offer an online program.

When should you look into dog training schools?

It various from dog to dog and from people to people. Some dogs and breeds need very little training whereas others require more. Many local community colleges and pet food stores also offer dog training classes.

What are good qualities of dog training schools?

With dog training schools your dag will become obedient. They will not bark for any reason they please. Potty training is a plus if you would like it to be an inside dog.

What do dog training schools offer?

The ability for dogs to listen and to follow instructions. they provide guided planning for your dog so they can achieve maximum efficiency. your dog needs to be groomed and kept up.

Does pet smart offer forklit traing certification ?

No but they do have training for dog grooming and dog training.

What do they teach at dog training schools?

In dog training schools, the dog is taught how to properly behave, answer to the owner, become the alpha dog and how to establish dominance. That way you are able to take care of your animal properly when he obeys.

Where can I find free schools to train my dog?

There is no place in existence that allows you to send your dog away for FREE(!) in order to get trained (what an awful business model), how ever plenty of sites offer advice on how to properly train your dog. Find articles from experts on obedience training, potty training, and leash training here:

What places offer pet dog training?

Many veterinary clinics offer dog training classes for their customers. Also you would be able to find dog trainers in your area through the yellow pages.

Where are puppy training schools in London located?

Puppy training schools and classes are available in many areas of London. The Tip Top Dog School is located in Abbey Road, Training Dogs are located in Barnet, and South London Dog Training & Behaviour are located in Penge.

Do you have to go with your dog to dog training schools?

There are "drop off" services where you drop off your dog for training and don't actively participate. I can't vouch for the success of such programs, though.