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Q: What is Ryan Rueda's position at Cox Enterprises Inc?
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When was Cox Enterprises created?

Cox Enterprises was created in 1898.

When was Ryan Cox born?

Ryan Cox was born on 1979-04-09.

Who owns cox communications?

2004: Cox Enterprises and Cox Communications announce the completion of a deal resulting in the latter's return to private ownership. Cox Communications becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. That marked the return of Cox Communications to the family business. Cox Enterprises is a private company headed by James C. Kennedy the grandson of founder. The last I knew, there were two Cox sisters who owned the majority of the stock in the company and one would assume when they passed on that control would pass down to heirs.

What is the ticker symbol for Cox Enterprises?

Cox Cable, from investigation was part of Cox Communication, Inc, with a ticker symbol of CCI. In 12/2004 CCI was purchased by Cox Enterprises. They are a privately held company and not subject to the financial disclosures of publicly traded companies. Inquiries from CCI can be made to: Wachovia National Bank Equity Services Group 1525 West W.T. Harris Boulevard, 3C3 Charlotte, North Carolina 28262-1153 Toll free: 800-829-8432 Local: 704-590-0394 Fax: 704-590-7614 Cox Communications is a private division of the privately-held company Cox Enterprises and as such has no publicly-traded stock.

When did Ryan Cobden die?

Ryan Cobden died on January 2, 2007.

What was the original name for Cox Communications?

Cox Communications was at one time called the Cox Broadcasting Corporation., and before that, Cox Enterprises. In 1999 and 2000 it absorbed the assets of Media General and of Multimedia Cablevision, so these might also be considered former names.

Does cox enterprises support Obama campaign?

They do not seem to support it, although it is difficult to tell, since certain executives may donate to one candidate, while others may donate to someone different. The available records we do have show that Cox Enterprises has mainly donated to Republicans.

What position does Derek Cox play?

Derek Cox plays Cornerback for the Minnesota Vikings.

What position does Qua Cox play?

Qua Cox plays Cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts.

What company owns Comcast?

The parent company Cox Enterprises owns the company Cox Cable, also known as Cox Communications. They provide services such as digital television, digital video recorder, on demand and high speed internet.

What position does Morgan Cox play?

Morgan Cox plays Long Snapper for the Baltimore Ravens.

What position does Perrish Cox play?

Perrish Cox plays Cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers.