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Position Overview:

In partnership with the Store Manager, direct all activities required to achieve all store goals, including sales objectives,

client service, human resource management, payroll and operating expenses, loss prevention, and merchandise

presentation while driving both associate and client engagement.

Primary Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

* Directs client service efforts that are consistent with company standards, to increase transactions and capture client


* Assists with development of team to accomplish store's business objectives through recruitment, selection, coaching,

investment, engagement, retention, and motivation

* Supports attainment of sales, payroll, and inventory shortage goals

* Execution of merchandise presentation, restocking, and recovery to maximize productivity

* Understands the company culture and ensures compliance with all company Values & Practices, and store

operational standards

* Additional responsibilities as assigned by Store Manager, District Manager, or Regional Vice President

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Q: What is a developmental co manager?
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