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A coach is a wheeled vehicle designed to be pulled by horses. Horses are four legged animals commonly used for riding or pulling loads. This phrase is describing a common vehicle of the day.

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Q: What is the meaning of Coach and Horses in the strange man's arrival?
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When was The Devil's Coach Horses created?

The Devil's Coach Horses was created in 1925.

What changed into horses for Cinderella's coach?


What were change into horses for Cinderella's coach?


How many horses pulled a stage coach?

Usually 6, but it depends on the coach size,! Xx

Closed horse drawn carriage?

A coach and horses.

How many horses pulled the coach carrying Prince William and Kate Middleton after their wedding?

Four Horses

Why is a Dalmatian known as a coach dog?

This is because the Dalmatian was once used as a coach dog, where it will follow coaches drawn by horses.

What is Sit In Coach meaning?

That would be a part-time replacement for the regular coach.

What were changed into horses for Cinderella's coach?

Farmyard animals are turned into the coachmen.

What does the term Araba mean?

Araba can be loosely translated as coach, or a four-wheeled wagon that is meant to be drawn by horses or oxen. It can also be used as a first name, generally meaning someone who is driven and ambitious.

What did stage coach handlers did the horses to stop?

They pulled back on the reins and said, "Woah!"

How many breeds of horses start with the letter y?

Yorkshire Coach Horse, extinct