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There is no such word as billetor.

I think you mean a billeters.

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1. lodging for a soldier, student, etc., as in a private home or nonmilitary public building. 2. Military. an official order, written or verbal, directing the person to whom it is addressed to provide such lodging. 3. a place assigned, as a bunk, berth, or the like, to a member of a ship's crew. 4. job; position; appointment. 5. Archaic. a written note, short letter, or the like.
-verb (used with object) 6. Military. to direct (a soldier) by ticket, note, or verbal order, where to lodge. 7. to provide lodging for; quarter: We arranged with the townspeople to billet the students.
-verb (used without object) 8. to obtain lodging; stay: They billeted in youth hostels.
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Q: What was a billetor?
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