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yes you can once you paid for the app just reinstall for free

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Q: Can you redownload paid apps on an new iPod touch?
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Is jailbreaking your iPod touch legal in Canada?

yes it is if you do it to coustomize your ipod/iphone and not to download paid for apps for free

You want to get paid apps on your ipod touch for free but you cant because you dont have firmware 3.0 and you have 3.1.2 what should you do?

You should buy the apps. Getting the paid apps for free is illegal.

What good paid ipod touch apps are there?

touch grind is good £3.00 poket god is really good £60p

How do you do you download apps?

if you have wifi you can just download them off your ipod touch . if you dont have an ipod youch you will have to go onto itunes and go to apps and get free apps or paid ones .

Can the iPod Touch play iPod games?

WELL OBVIOUSLY! Go on app store and download apps and games. Some for free, some paid for :)

Where are the games in an iPod touch?

Download latest Itune9 from After that plug in your ipod touch,make account username & serial no of your ipod. Then click itune store you will see all the free & paid games application. If you want to read about the info of that apps, just right click the apps,before you buy it.

What is a cool app on the ipod touch?

One of the most popular apps in the App Store currently is Angry Birds. It is a paid app.

Is it true that there are many free applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch?

Yes, it is true. There are many free apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Once you connect to the app store, select category, and choose the category you want, and at the top, there is 'Paid' and 'Free' apps. Click on 'free' to view all of the free apps available in that category.

What does the iPod Touch feture?

IntroductionMusicMovies + TV ShowsGamesiTunes Music StoreHome ScreenSafariMailMapsYouTubePhotosCalendarContactsStocks, Weather, NotesCalculatorNike + iPod And that's only what comes with it get to the app store and get free and paid apps

Will you lose your paid apps if you sync your ipod touch to a different computer?

no it will add them to the new one. If you lose apps they can always be downloaded again for free from same account at the app store.

What games come on the iPod touch?

There are no games that come with an ipod touch, but it does come with various apps, like music, facetime, weather, settings, camera, and more. the app store is a built-in app (it is already installed when you buy the ipod) for purchasing and downloading apps. some apps are games, so you can download them. Note: some of the apps are paid (you'll have to buy them for the price at which they are set) and some of them are free (you can download and install them for free). Once you've purchased a paid app, deleted it, and want to download it again, you will not have to pay for the app again.

Does the apple ipod touch app store cost anything to use?

Just the cost of the paid apps (and possibly internet connection fees if they apply)