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You can't, Runescape requires too much memory for an Itouch.

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Q: How can i get RuneScape on my ipod touch?
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How can you get runescape to run on your ipod touch without vnc?

You can't.

Is there a way to play RuneScape on an iPod touch?

Yes there is actually an app from itunes that you can download to play runescape.

How do you get RuneScape on your iPod touch?

unfortunately, java doesnt work on ipod touchs or iphones, so you are unable to play runescape, but can you are still able to access highscores and the forums.

Is Runescape playable on the Ipod Touch 3rd Gen internet browser?


How do you get RuneScape on your iPod?

Yes, on the Ipod Touch by simply opening Safari with a working internet connection and going to With any other Ipod. As of 2008, You cannot. sorry.

Can you play runscape on your iPod touch?

no runescape needs java no runescape needs java you can play games with an app call cloud browser but it suck

Can you play RuneScape on an iPod touch?

No, the game has too much graphics and memory usage for an Itouch. If you can run it on your computer and remotely access it from your touch, you can have runescape running within five minutes. I've done it.

Why wont ipod touch let you go on runescape?

Because Ipod isn't java compatible at the moment, there are people that are trying to bypass this, but it's not going to plan.

How do you play RuneScape on iPod Touch?

you cant play runescape on your ipod touch. in order to play runescape you have to have java. ipods do not have the software to download it or undate it. You can play Runescape on your iPod touch. it doesn't support java unless it is jailbroken. Jail breaking your iPod is legal, yet Apple still has rights to not service your iPod and/or prohibit you from buying any of their products ever again, so I've heard, and any of the other rights that you signed up for when you buy their products (Terms and Agreements). I do believe you can play Runescape on an non jail broken iPod Touch. There is an app called "Cloud Browse" available in the app store. It is $00.99. You can play off of that browser. There are plenty of tutorial videos on Youtube about it. Just search "Cloud browse" or "how to play Runescape on ipod touch" most of the videos will include downloading cloud browse. You can also download an app named "jaadu remote desktop for Windows" it is a remote u can set up to play on your ipod from your computer. i do not recommend it because the app costs $25. however there is another app similar to jaadu calle iRemote. this app is free. i have this app and i recommend it to evryone, even if u don't play Runescape. Both apps are for a non jail broken ipod. I will have a video shortly about iRemote on Youtube.

Why was the iPod Touch named the iPod Touch?

Well, because it is an iPod, and it has a touch screen.

How to txt a iPod with another iPod?

You cannot text another iPod Touch with your iPod Touch. The iPod Touch can only go to phones.

Can you get apps on your tiny iPod touch how do you do it?

If it is an ipod touch nano then no you cant you have to have a big screen ipod touch