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people can only answer this if they know how many songs are on your cds sorry

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Q: How many cds can 160 gigabyte iPod store?
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How many songs does the 160 GB ipod hold?

The 160 GB IPod classic can hold approximated 40,000 songs.

How much is an iPod classic?

The current generation of iPod Classic (160 gigabyte model) costs $249.00. *Prices according to the Apple Store.

Where is a good place to buy a black sixth generation Apple iPod Classic 160 GB?

You can find a great deal for a 6th generation Apple iPod Classic that has 160 GB of storage from the Apple store. Failing that, you can try Amazon or eBay.

How do you unlock and iPod Classic 160 gb without itunes?

You cant.

What is the max memory of an ipod?

Currently, the largest Ipod is the Ipod classic with 160 GB of memory. I think it is $300 or $350.

What are the different capacities of the Apple iPod?

The Apple iPod (not touch, mini, nano, etc), is only sold in 80, 120 or 160 Gb models.

What is the difference between an iPod Nano and an iPod Classic?

its got more gigo bytes and the space much bigger. the ipod nano is little and has little bit of space but the ipod classic has 80 and 160 gb. does that help:)

How many GB are in an iPod?

It depends on the model. The iPod shuffle has 1 GB of memory. The iPod nano has either 4 or 8 GB of memory. The iPod classic has either 80 or 160 GB of memory. The iPod touch has either 8 , 32 ,and 64 GB of memory. They do not make 16GB i Pod touches anymore.

Which holds more music, An IPod or MP3 Player?

It depends, if you have an ipod shuffle it is either a 2 gb or 4 gb while the sansa clip+ starts off at 4 gb with a user choice to add a memory card but the ipod classic has 160 gb but it is bulkier so it just depends on what size you want or if you just care about memory

Is there such thing as a ipod touch with 160 gb?

No, there isn't. However, it is possible to buy some external memory, which is a small box that you plug into the dock port of the iPod. Additionally, you can purchase an external battery.

Does the new iPod Classic 160gb have cross-fade?

The iPod Classic 160 GB comes without Crossfader by default. There's no update available at the moment but Apple is announcing an update for the Classic with Crossfader in 2011.

How much does a iPod cost in Canada?

An Ipod Shuffle cost around $50An Ipod Nano costs 149$ to 179$An Ipod Classic cost around 249$and an Ipod Touch costs 229$ to 399$All depending on type of GB.If you would use a used one there are not that much they are usally around 100.00 dollars hiar or a little lower depending on the GB.