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Q: Is touchscreen and touch panel are same?
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Does is contain touch screen panel too?

No, this phone does not have a touchscreen panel on it.

Is the PSP E1000 a touchscreen?

No, the E1000 series does not have a touchscreen. Out of all the Sony handhelds, only the PSVita has one.

Is the PS vita a touch?

Yes, the PS Vita has a front touchscreen, and a touch-sensitive back panel.

How do you work touchscreen please explain touchscreen?

You just touch the screen

How do you get touchscreen on ipod touch to work?

You touch it with your finger...

Is there a way to make a computer that is not touchscreen into a touchscreen computer?

No there is no way you can make a non touch screen - a touch screen.You need to buy a monitor with touch screen.

Is Nikon S3000 a touch screen camera?

no it isn't a touchscreen. but the controls are kinda touchscreen.

Where can you get a free touchscreen phone?

the only way you are going to a free touchscreen phone is if your touch screen breaks or messes up and cannot be fixed the Verizon at&t- t moble or whoever your phone is with they will provide you that same touchscreen phone for free

Touch screen sidekick?

yes we should have a touchscreen sidekick yes we should have a touchscreen sidekick

Is the Samsung Rant touch screen?

no it is not touchscreen.

Is the hp pavilion 14t have a touchscreen?

You are probably referring to the HP Pavilion 14T Touch, which is a touchscreen laptop.

What is a touchscreen device?

a device that you can touch the screen stupid