What is in app purchase I want to know all about it?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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In app purchases are transactions that involve products and features offered within the app

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Q: What is in app purchase I want to know all about it?
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Do you have to be signed in to make an in app purchase?

You do have to be signed in when making an app purchase because iTunes and The App Store need to know what account to withdraw money from. Hope that Helps:)

How do you play game's on the Kindle Fire?

This question was slightly unclear. If you want to know how to play a game, there are walkthroughs and such all over the internet. If you want to know how to download one, you enter the shop and purchase an application (app). You will, however, need to activate a credit card for paid apps.

What is that app called for on Iphone it find the lower price for what you want to purchase?


How do you know which apps you have purchased on the app store?

Just go to App Store > Downloads > Purchased and, Voila! Your purchase history is there!

When you buy an app can you gift it to someone free?

When you "Gift an App" Basically it's self explanatory, you purchase the app and send it to someone and they can download it for free. So really, you give a app as a gift! But if you want to purchase it for yourself as well you will need to buy it again.

How do you make folders on an iPod touch?

You have to drag your app on to another and you have a folder but if you want to know how to name it you have to make sure you app is jiggling then you click on your folder and click on the name your is named and that's all

How do you delete locations from the weather channel app?

I'd like to know also - perhaps what I want is to change the default app.

Is it safe to make in-app purchase on iPod Touch?

Probably because I do it all the time...

How do you download stuff in the ipod?

From the ipod click on the itunes app find what you want ad double tap to purchase

What does the plus mean when downloading apps in the app store?

It means its a universal app, its available for all three iOS devices. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. One purchase means you can have the app on all three devices.

Where can i download i don't know how does she does it?

In the app store you go to the app you want and touch the button that says free or how ever much money.

What is an in app purchase?

Basically in-app purchase means in a free or paid apps you can find a button / link to add any extra features to an app for a fee.