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The very first model of the iPod had a 5 gigabyte storage capacity.

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The storage capacity of an iPod nano is either:1 Gigabyte2 Gigabytes4 Gigabytes8 Gigabytes16 Gigabytes32 Gigabytes64 Gigabytes or120 Gigabytes

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Q: What is the storage capacity of an iPod nano?
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How many photos can the iPod Nano hold?

The number of photos an iPod Nano can hold varies depending on the model and storage capacity. Generally, an iPod Nano with 16GB of storage can hold approximately 4,000 photos.

What is the average price for an iPod Nano red?

Apple iPod Nano's can vary in price according to which generation as well as storage capacity. A low capacity earlier generation model would average around $50-80, a high capacity newer generation model would cost around $220.

What is the highest capacity of the iPod Nano 5g?

The iPod Nano (5th generation) comes in 8 and 16GB versions.

Can you get What is up app on your iPod Nano?

iPod nano's don't get apps at all. They're not touch screen and they don't have enough storage space.

If you sell a 8g iPod Nano how much will you get?

It depends on the condition, the capacity, and the generation of the iPod.

what is 8gb nano?

Nano 8gb is a term used for a specific type of iPod. The Nano is the most popular iPod design and 8gb simply refers to the amount of storage space on the device.

What is the smallest size mp3 player available and how much storage does it have?

One of the smallest brand name mp3 players available is the Ipod shuffle or nano. The storage ranges from 2 gigabytes for the ipod shuffle to the 16 gigabytes of the ipod nano.

Does the iPod Nano or regular iPod hold more data?

Well, the iPod Nano is a smaller version of iPod and holds less songs because the storage isn't so big. The regular iPods have more storage. If you are looking to hold a lot of songs, I would go with the regular iPod.

How much space is on a iPod Nano seventh generation?

The seventh generation ipod Nano, released on October 12, 2012, has a storage capacity of 16 GB. It has a larger 2.5 inch screen and supports video playback. The body is made of anodized aluminium and the dock connection is the smaller Lightning connector.

Does an apple iPod Touch 8GB have a built in camera?

The hard drive capacity of the iPod does not tell anything about the iPod, except its hard drive capacity. There are numerous generations for all of the types of iPods available, so please be more specific. The fifth generation iPod Nano has a video camera, and the fourth generation iPod Touch has a video camera and regular camera.

Why is the iPod Nano named iPod Nano?

nano means small. the ipod nano is smaller than the ipod mini.

Timeline of an iPod?

iPod Classic, iPod Nano 1st Generation, iPod Nano 2nd Generation, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano 3rd Generation, iPod Nano 4th Generation, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 5th Generation.