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By 1860, significant advances had been made in the education of women, including the establishment of women's colleges and academies, the promotion of women's literacy through publications and literary societies, and the increasing acceptance of women as teachers. Despite these advancements, access to higher education and certain fields of study remained limited for women during this time period.

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Q: By 1860 what advances Had been made in the education of women?
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By 1860 what advances Had been made in public education?

Special schools. some reformers took steps to improve education for people with disabilities.

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Education for women has not traditionally been important.

Why in village areas of Pakistan women can not education?

mostly people think that education is not important for women. they think that what they will do after getting an education .where as in quran it is been said that education is important for both men and women

What significant gains have been made in women education as a result of advocacy?

Advocacy for women's education has led to increased access to schooling for girls, improved literacy rates among women, and greater enrollment in higher education institutions. Additionally, there has been a broader recognition of the importance of educating girls and women as a way to empower individuals and promote gender equality in society.

Why were renaissance women rarely taken serious in their education opportunity?

Renaissance women were rarely taken serious in their education because they were not valued as equals to men. This was a trend that had been happening for years.

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Education has empowered immigrant women by providing access to higher-paying job opportunities and allowing for greater economic independence. For African American women, education has been a tool for social mobility and challenging racial discrimination. Women from rural areas have benefited from education by gaining the skills and knowledge needed to better navigate modern society and participate in various sectors of the economy.

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There have been many significant changes over the years in women's education as a result of global advocacy. Women can now graduate school, go on to college, and be whatever they want to be in life.

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She had been shot in the head by members of the Taliban because she advocated the right of women to have an education .

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