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Peter's relationship with his father in "The Diary of Anne Frank" is strained and distant. Peter feels that his father is cold and demanding, while his father struggles to connect with Peter on a deeper level. The lack of emotional intimacy between them is a source of tension in their relationship.

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Q: Describe peters relationship with his father in the diary of anne frank?
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Who is Peters mother in diary of Anne Frank?

Peter's mother in "The Diary of Anne Frank" is Petronella Van Daan.

Who is peters mother in the diary on anne frank?

Auguste van Pels (Mrs. van Pels).

Who did Anne Frank get her diary from?

Anne Frank received her diary from her father, Otto.

Who did anne frank get a diary from?

She got the diary as a birthday present from her father in 1942.

Who is allergic to peters cat in the diary of anne frank?

mr dussel is. fur baring animals give him asma

Where did Anne Frank receive her diary?

The first diary (she eventually filled several books with her diary) she received for her 13th birthday. She had pointed it out to her father a few days earlier, saying that it was what she wanted for her birthday (and even mentions in her diary that she was with her father when he bought it).

Who got anne frank her diary on her birthday?

Her Father Otto Frank got her her diary on her Birthday.

Who was boche in diary of anne frank?

Boche was a nickname given to Albert Dussel, a dentist who shared the hiding place with Anne Frank and her family. Anne used this name to refer to him in her diary.

Who was the publisher of Anne Frank's diary?

Her father, Otto Frank was the one to get Anne Frank's diary published.

What words might describe a traditional diary?

introspective and personal.

What has the author Henry Askins Lee written?

Henry Askins Lee has written: 'Peters diary for the years 1933 and part 1937'

What does Anne Frank's father give Anne?

A diary