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No, Enid Blyton did not have any biological children of her own. She was a prolific children's author known for series such as the Famous Five and the Secret Seven.

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Q: Did enid bylon have any children?
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Enid Markey did she have any children?

Enid Markey did not have any children. She was known for her work as an actress in silent films and on Broadway.

Who were Enid Blyton's children?

I do- I am an Enid Blyton fanatic. She had one daughter named Gillian. Enid Blyton had two children named Gillian Mary Baverstock and Imogen Mary Smallwood.

What was Enid Blyton's children's name?

Enid Blyton had 2 children named Gillian Mary Baverstock and Imogen Mary Smallwood.

What were Enid Blytons children called?


Why is Enid Blyton known so well?

Enid Blyton was a prolific writer of children's adventure and fantasy stories

Dose Enid Blyton have children?

she had 2 daughters

How many children does enid blyton have?

She had two daughters.

Is Enid Blyton a children's writer?

Yes she aimed her books at children and young adults

She is most popular writer of children stories?

Enid Blyton

Is Enid Blyton is a boy or a girl?

Enid Blyton is a girl. She was a British author best known for her children's books, such as the Famous Five and Secret Seven series.

Who is the author of the series about three children and a magic tree?

enid blyton

Was Enid Blyton in any relationship?

Enid Blyton was marride twice and divorced once. She died a widow.