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Kino did not understand the evil of the pearl until the end. At first, he believed only good could come from the pearl. Later, he realized that bad things were coming from the pearl, but he did not want to accept it. At the end of the novella, he accepts that the pearl is evil and throws it back into the ocean.

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Yes, Kino eventually came to understand the evil associated with the pearl when it caused destruction and brought tragedy into his life. He realized that the pearl was not a source of good fortune, but instead was a curse that led to violence and suffering.

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they try to see how much the pearl is and they try to help the kino......

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His wife Juana

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Q: Did kino understood the evil of the pearl?
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What is the climax of the pearl by John Steinbeck?

The climax in "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck is when Kino, the protagonist, kills a man in a struggle over the valuable pearl he found. This act leads to a chain of events that ultimately result in tragedy for Kino and his family.

What awful truth did the towns people realize when the Pearl buyers may their offer to Kino?

The townspeople realized that Kino was being taken advantage of by the pearl buyers, who offered a much lower price than the pearl was worth. They saw the greed and dishonesty of the pearl buyers, and understood that Kino and his family were being exploited for their own gain.

When does Juana first suggest that the pearl is evil?

Juana first suggests that the pearl is evil after Kino desires to keep the pearl instead of immediately selling it. She begins to feel a sense of foreboding and believes that the pearl's presence brings hardship and unhappiness to their family.

Why does the music of evil sound in kinos ears when the priest visits them in the pearl?

The music of evil represents Kino's inner turmoil and conflict as he contemplates the consequences of his actions following the pearl's discovery. It symbolizes the fear and doubt that the priest's visit brings, as well as the darkness that threatens to consume Kino and his family.

What ar kino and juana's occupation?

Similarity: Both are nurturing parents. For example, when Coyotito got stung, Juana makes a poultice of herbs to stop the swelling while Kino smashes the scorpion because it bit Coyotitto. Differences: Kino thinks the pearl represents all good things but Juana thinks its evil

What role does Kino play in the pearl by john steinback?

Kino is the main character in The Pearl.

What does the word misfortune of the pearl by John Steinbeck mean?

"The Pearl" by John Steinbeck tells the story of a poor diver named Kino who finds a valuable pearl that brings misfortune to his family as they become the target of greed and violence. The phrase "misfortune of the pearl" refers to how the pearl, initially seen as a symbol of hope and prosperity, ultimately leads to tragedy and destruction for Kino and his loved ones.

Why does Tomas help kino in the book the pearl?

In "The Pearl," Tomas helps Kino because he is a loyal friend and fellow pearl diver. Tomas understands the dangers of finding the pearl and wants to support and protect Kino. Additionally, Tomas may see potential benefits in helping Kino with the valuable pearl.

What is the theme of evil in the pearl?

The theme of evil in "The Pearl" revolves around the destructive power of greed and materialism. Through Kino's journey to acquire wealth from the pearl, we see how the pursuit of material possessions can corrupt and bring out the worst in people, leading to tragedy and loss. Steinbeck emphasizes how greed can overshadow goodness and lead individuals to commit heinous acts in the name of personal gain.

What does kino see in the pearl?

Kino can see both good and bad. He can see a good future; new clothes, education for Coyotito, Getting married in a church, and a rifle. He can also see evil, but he won't admit it.

What does the Pearl buyer tell kino about his pearl?

It was not valuable.

In the pearl when the priest hears of Kino's discovery what does he think?

When the priest hears of Kino's discovery of the great pearl, he thinks about how the money from the sale of the pearl could benefit the church and the community. He believes that the pearl is a gift from God and interprets it as a sign of divine favor.