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Yes, Alex Cross's family experiences tragedy and loss throughout some of the books in the series, including the deaths of his wife Maria and his grandmother Nana Mama. These events have a significant impact on Alex and are central to the development of his character.

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Q: Does alex cross family die
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Does alex cross's family get killed?

In James Patterson's Alex Cross series, members of Alex Cross's family are targeted or face danger at various points in the series, but not all of them are killed. It depends on the specific book you are referring to.

Does Nana Mama die in Kill Alex Cross?

No, Nana Mama does not die in "Kill Alex Cross." She remains alive throughout the book series as a key supporting character for Detective Alex Cross.

What book did Alex Cross's wife die in by Patterson?

alex cross's wife didnt die in a specific book but their is flashbacks about his wife in multiple alex cross books

Which book comes after Cross My Heart?

The book that comes after "Cross My Heart" in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson is "Hope to Die".

When was Alex Cross created?

Alex Cross was created in 1992.

Is alex cross a black man in James Patterson books?

Yes, Alex Cross is a black man in James Patterson's books. He is a detective and psychologist who is the main character in several of Patterson's mystery novels.

When was Alex Cross released?

Alex Cross was released on 10/19/2012.

What was the Production Budget for Alex Cross?

The Production Budget for Alex Cross was $35,000,000.

How many pages does Alex Cross's Trial have?

Alex Cross's Trial has 380 pages.

What will be the next book in the alex cross series?

I, Alex Cross

Who is the mother of little alex in the cross books?

The mother of Alex Cross in the Cross book series by James Patterson is Christine.

What book does john samson die in the James Patterson books?

John Sampson is a recurring character in James Patterson's Alex Cross series. However, he does not die in any of the books in the series. John Sampson remains a key ally and friend to Alex Cross throughout the book series.