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Yes, Stephanie Meyer is sometimes known by the nickname "Stephenie."

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Q: Does stephine Myers have a nickname?
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How is the author of the novle twilight?

Stephine Myers

Who is the author of the twilght series?

stephine Myers

Who is Stephine Meyers husband?

Stephine Meyer's husband is called Christian and his nickname is "Pancho".

How many siblings does stephine Myers have?

She has five siblings: Seth, Emily, Jacob, Paul and Heidi. PS. Its Stephanie Meyer.

Is stephine Myers going to make another book after midnight sun?

no stefanie Meyer isn't going to write another book in the twilight series

What was Walter Dean Myers nickname?

Walter Dean Myers was often called "The Dean" by his fans and colleagues in the literary world.

What religion is Stephine Meyer?

Stephine Meyer is Mormon

What is Michael O Myers nickname?

the shape the spooky man and the boogeyman

The Host Book stephine Meyer?

yes it is by stephine meyer.

Will Stephine Myers come to sign her books?

Her name is Stephenie Meyer, and no she released Breaking Dawn last year so she will have already signed books. xo xo Number 1 Twilight Fan << Me ;)

Who is aurther of Twilight saga?

Stephine Meyer is the author of The Twilight Saga

Who was the first Australian olympic medalist?

Stephine Rice Stephine Rice you won the first one