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Anne Frank became well known because after WWII, Mr. Frank published Anne's diary she kept while in the Secret Annex. It soon became a world best seller, so she became very well known.

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Anne Frank became famous because of the diary she kept while hiding from the Nazis during World War II. Her diary, which details her thoughts, emotions, and experiences while in hiding, was later published and has been translated into numerous languages, becoming a widely read and studied account of the Holocaust. Anne's story has inspired people around the world and serves as a reminder of the horrors of war and the importance of standing up against injustice.

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she had died about 10 years before her diary got published, she died at the age of 15

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Q: How did anne frank became so famous?
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What is the name of the Jewish girl whose diary became so famous?

Anne Frank.

Why is Anne diary so widely read and love?

It is so famous because it is written by Anne Frank. It talks about all of her experiences hiding and it is not fake

What happened to annes diary when she was arrested?

Anne Frank's diary was left behind in the hiding place when she and her family were arrested. Miep Gies, one of the helpers who had been providing food and supplies to the hiding place, later found and saved the diary after the family was taken into custody by the Nazis.

How did Anne Frank become famous?

Anne Frank is a kid who lived in the Secret Annex because of theNazi's were taking Jews to concentration camps to murder them so many Jews went into hiding. Durining the time she was living in the Secret Annex she kept a diary and wrote almost every day. So she basically wrote what is was like to be living in hiding.

Who wrote 'The Diary of Anne Frank?

'The Diary of Anne Frank' was written by Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who kept a diary while hiding from the Nazis during the Second World War. Her diary has become a widely read account of life during the Holocaust.

Is otto married to Anne Frank?

Otto was Anne Frank's father. So of course they were NOTmarried.

What name does peter call Anne Frank?

peter calls anne frank a wierdo?? Anne Frank is called Mrs. Quack Quack because she talks so much.

Can you show me one statement why Anne Frank is so famous?

she kept a diary about a Jew's life in WW2 and she was put into a concentration camp

Why is Anne Frank the most famous child who died in the Holocaust when many other kids died of the same thing?

Anne Frank is the most famous because during the war and her struggles, she kept a diary that was later found. it was very intriguing and so it has been published as i book which i have read myself

Why did Anne Frank hid in her attic?

Anne Frank and her family hid in the attic to avoid persecution by the Nazis during the Holocaust. They lived in hiding for over two years to escape being sent to concentration camps because they were Jewish.

Why is Anne Frank so well know?

Anne Frank is probably best known by her diary, which was published in 1955 under the title, "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl".

Who was the only occupant of the annex to survive concentration campswhat did he do after the war to make anne famous?

Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father, was the only occupant of the annex to survive concentration camps. After the war, he worked to have Anne's diary published, which eventually became a globally renowned book titled "The Diary of a Young Girl," making Anne Frank's story known worldwide.