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He was astonished. He said to Miep Gies (and others) "I never knew my little Anne was so deep".

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Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank, felt a sense of comfort and pride after reading her diary. He was moved by her profound insights, compassion, and resilience as expressed in her writings, and he made it his mission to have her diary published to share her message with the world.

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Q: How did anne franks dad feel after reading her diary?
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How old was Anne when she received a diary for her birthday?

Anne feel about the diary when she gets as a birthday gift?

What did Anne Frank like?

Anne Frank loved to write stories and in her diary. She also like to feel like a women. The Diary Of Anne Frank movie has a lot of details about her life.

What did Otto Frank feel when he finally read Anne's diary?

HE felt sorrowful

What did Mr Frank give to Anne to make her feel better while they were in hiding?

Her diary

Why does Corry make Anne fell Bad in the diary of Anne Frank?

Corry does not intentionally make Anne feel bad in "The Diary of Anne Frank." Anne may feel this way due to her own insecurities and the stressful environment of hiding during World War II. Corry may unintentionally trigger Anne's emotions through misunderstandings or disagreements that arise in close quarters.

What made Anne Frank feel successful?

What made Anne Frank feel successful was thatshe kept a diary for two whole years even though it was her first time keeping a diaryalso that she hid in "the Secret Annex" for two whole years without going crazy.

Why did Anne Frank started writing?

According to Hannah Goslar, who went to school with Anne from kindergarten on, Anne was always writing in her spare time at school, telling anyone who asked what she was writing "None of your business". But Anne began to write in earnest when she received her diary. People who feel compelled to write are the same as people who feel compelled to paint, or play music, or dance - they do it because they have a passion for it.

How did hiding influence anne franks life?

Hiding influenced Anne Frank's life in many ways, such as causing her to feel isolated, fearful, and uncertain about the future. Despite the challenges, it also provided a space for her to reflect, write in her diary, and find moments of hope and connection with her family. Overall, hiding shaped Anne's resilience, creativity, and determination to hold onto her ideals and humanity in the face of adversity.

In what year was the newest play based on the diary of Anne Frank performed?

Hello fellow citizens. I am sorry to say but there is no answer for this quest, " In what year was the newest play based on the diary of Anne Frank performed?" There is no answer at the moment. But if anyone would like to give or improve an answer for this please feel free to tell us. I have been searching for an answer myself for this scavenger hunt but, no luck found here. Please try out some other websites and see if you can improve or change this answer. Thank you and good luck finding the year to Anne Frank. :)

Why did Anne think of her diary as a friend?

Before the Frank family went into hiding, Anne longed for a "best friend", even though she had several. Perhaps she didn't feel that she could confide everything to them. She used her diary to write down her deepest thoughts and emotions. After she moved to the Secret Annex, she was cut off from her friends. She could not mail letters to them because it was too dangerous. Anne wrote a letter to her friend Jacque (Jopie in the diary) explaining what had happened and promising to see her after the war. Later, Anne wrote another letter in answer to an imaginary reply from Jacque. She kept these letters in her diary, which quickly became her friend in hiding.

Why did Anne name her diary kitty?

anne named her diary kitty because she felt that since her diary was going to be her new friend she didnt want to call it dear diary.... she wanted it to be real to her and have its own name so it seemed as a real person who she could express her utmost feelings about anyone or anything. hope this helps!!

Who does Anne Frank feel she can confide in?

Anne cared most deeply for her father, Otto, and a boy she went with throughout the summer of 1940 named Lutz Peter Schiff (Anne called him "Petel", a German endearment). She and Peter went their separate ways, but she said over and over in her diary that he was the only boy she had truly cared about. Later, though becoming very emotionally involved with Peter van Pels, Anne wrote in her diary that she herself realized that she saw Peter van Pels as a surrogate for Peter Schiff.