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Ummm....if your in the 4th grade, you may be a little too young...but, i asked this super sweet, hot, guy out for dinner at Applebees and he is now my boyfriend. Turns out he REALLY liked me too but he was too shy to ask.

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You can say something like, "Hey, do you want to hang out together sometime?" Keep it simple and friendly. You could suggest meeting up to play a game, ride bikes, or have a snack together.

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Q: How do you ask a boy out over the phone when your in the fourth grade?
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You Don't.

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im a fourth grade girl so i should know i think if someone told me they had a crush on me at the end of the week then on monday asked to go out with me

How do you get a fourth grade girl to ask you out?

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you ask his best friend to dare you to do it and don't back out

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Simple, you don't! That's reallyinappropriate.

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Don't. Forth grade is too young. No one should be dating until high school.

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How do you talk to a 4th grader girl on the phone and you are in 5th grade?

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