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Willy Russell presents Mrs. Johnstone as a working-class mother struggling to make ends meet while also depicting her as warm, compassionate, and resilient. In contrast, Mrs. Lyons is portrayed as wealthy, manipulative, and consumed by jealousy and paranoia. The characters serve as foils to each other, highlighting the stark differences in their circumstances and personalities.

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Q: How does willy Russell presents the character of mrs johnstone and mrs lyons?
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In blood brothers did mrs lyons give money to Mrs Johnstone?

She did except in the end, Mrs Lyons thrust it in her hands.

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Here's a few: .At the end of the play, the narrator makes the audience question whether the tragedy was caused by superstition or class. Discuss your opinion? . Is Mrs Lyons evil? . Discuss the significance of the character of Linda . Is the ending of the play inevitable? . Discuss the significance of the narrator . Compare Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons . How does Willy Russell sustain the interest of the audience in the play?

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Mickey- the poor twin who lives with his biological mother, Mrs Johnstone Eddie (Edward)- the rich twin who lives with Mrs Lyons Linda- good friend of the twins throughout the book. both twins fall for her. Mrs Lyons- rich lady who at first employs Mrs Johnstone, before 'demanding' one of the twins once they are born. Mrs Johnstone- The biological mother of both the twins The Narrator- is an important character in the play, he creates suspense, adds to the mood of the play, and reminds us of important moments throughout the play.

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