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The Navy is a place where a man can prove himself, both as a man of courage, and as a man who can make a fortune. Captain Wentworth has made quite a lot of money in the Navy, has has Admiral Croft. It is a risky business to be in, however, and we get a sense of danger from the facts that Captain Wentworth had seen action numerous times and there were times his first ship nearly sank, Captain Harville was injured, and a boy in the Musgrove family died while in the Navy.

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In Jane Austen's "Persuasion," the navy is portrayed as a respectable profession that offers social mobility and financial security to its officers. The characters associated with the navy, such as Captain Wentworth, are depicted as brave, intelligent, and self-made individuals. However, there is also a degree of snobbery towards naval officers from some of the higher social classes, reflecting the tensions between the old landed gentry and the rising naval professionals during Austen's time.

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Q: How is the navy presented in Persuasion?
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