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Anne and her family first moved into the annex on the morning of July 6th 1942. The door to the annex was hidden behind a bookcase to ensure they remained undiscovered. Sadly, they were discovered on the 4th August 1944 after 25 months in hiding.

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Anne Frank lived behind the bookcase in the Secret Annex for about two years during World War II, from July 1942 to August 1944. During this time, she documented her experiences and thoughts in her famous diary.

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Yes, she and her family and also the Van Pels and soon came Mr. Pfeffer.

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Q: How long did Anne Frank live behind the bookcase?
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Where did Anne Frank live while in hiding?

'''A work place in Germany and behind a bookcase there was a attic she hid in there!!'''

How long did Anne Frank live for?

anne frank lived for 15 years

In what part of Germany did Anne Frank live?

Anne Frank did not live in Germany. She lived in a set of attic rooms in a house in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, during the time that it was occupied by German Nazi troops during World War II. To reach the secret rooms the tiny doorway was hidden behind a bookcase. You can visit her house, and enter into her rooms through the doorway, as I and my family did a few years ago, as her house in Amsterdam is now a museum. Sadly, Anne Frank and her family were discovered by the Nazis after her whereabouts was told to the occupying forces by a traitor. She and her family then perished in the German concentration camps before the war ended.

What was Anne Frank's motto?

Anne Frank's motto was "Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."

What kind of building did Anne Frank live in?

Anne Frank lived in an office building which her dad worked at.

What country did anne frank live in?

The Netherlands.

How long did Anne Frank live until?

Anne Frank lived until she was fifteen in the cocentration camp after getting typhus

When Anne Frank left Germany where did she live?


Where did Anne Frank live when she was famous?

She lived in Amsterdam

Did anne frank live a happy life?

yes she had

What are Anne Frank's goals?

to live. sadly she died

What color was anne Frank's cat?

Anne Frank's cat was a black Persian cat named Mouschi.