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Robert Burns was married to his wife, Jean Armour, for around 15 years, from 1788 until his death in 1796.

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Q: How long did Robert Burns live with his wife?
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What age did Robert Burns wife die at?

Robert Burns' wife, Jean Armour, died at the age of 38.

How long did Robert Frost wife live?

She died in 1938.

What is Robert Burns wife's name?

Jean Armour

Did Robert Burns have children?

no he did not he does not have a wife :) i hope that helped : D

Who were the most important people in Robert Burns' life?

Umm... His wife...

Who was Robert Burns wife?

Jean Armour Burns was Robert Burns wife from February 1788 until his death in July 1796; however, had she not allowed her father to destroy his first marriage agreement in 1786, they would have been married since then.

What is name of the wife of Robert Burns?

Robert burns had many different wives and girlfriends and in my opinion to many to count. Apparently he had two affairs on his death bed.

Did rabbie burns have a wife?

Yes, Robert Burns, also known as Rabbie Burns, was married to Jean Armour. They had nine children together.

How many boys and girls did Robert Burns have?

Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet, had nine children with his wife Jean Armour. They had five boys and four girls.


Robert Burns' first wife was Jean Armour. They married in 1788 after a tumultuous courtship, and they had nine children together.

Did Robert Burns have 19 children?

No, Robert Burns did not have 19 children. He had a total of 12 children with four different women, including nine with his wife Jean Armour.

How many children did robbie burns father?

Robert Burns, the Scottish poet, had 9 children with his wife Jean Armour.