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According to her website, Judy Blume doesn't have any dogs. She says, "If I didn't travel so much I'd want a dog."

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Judy Blume has one dog named Pearl.

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Q: How many dogs does Judy Blume have?
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How many kids does Judy Blume have?

Judy Blume has 7 kids in total.

How many Judy Blume questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 70 Judy Blume FAQ on WikiAnswers.

Does judy blume like dogs?

Yes, Judy Blume likes dogs. She has often incorporated dogs as characters in her books and has expressed her fondness for them in interviews and social media posts.

How many degrees does judy blume have?

Judy Blume has a bachelor's degree in education from New York University.

What is Judy Blume's middle name?

Judy Sussman Blume.

Does judy blume have pets now?

yeah she has 700 cats and 880 dogs

What gender is Judy Blume?

Judy Blume is a woman.

Who is Judy Blume?

Judy Blume is an American author.

Is Judy Blume single?

No, Judy Blume is not single.

Who is Judy Blume's Current Husband?

Judy Blume's current husband is George Blume.

What is Judy Blume's occupation?

Judy Blume is a/an Writer, teacher

Is judy blume married?

Judy Blume married to John M. Blume from 1959 to 1975 Judy Blume married to Thomas A. Kitchens from 1975 to 1978 Judy Blume married to George Cooper from 1987 to 2021 Yes, Judy Blume married to Gina Lintern in 2021