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I'm unable to provide an exact number, but "The Shining" by Stephen King does contain strong language, including swear words. The level of profanity may vary depending on the edition or version of the book.

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Q: How many swear words are in the shining by Stephen king?
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Which American writer wrote The Shining?

Stephen King

Kubrick film based on a book?

Stephen King's ...The Shining

Which Stephen King novel was about an in keeper who attempts to kill his family?

The Shining

Which Stephen King horror story does Treehouse of Horror V pastiche?

The Shining.

What are the best selling horror books of all time?

the shining-stephen king

What Stephen King book did Stanley Kubrick turn into a movie?

The Shining (1980).

What is a movie about as scary as the Shining?

A movie as scary as the shining is Misery also a mind trembling horror that is also by Stephen King.

What is Stephen king's favourite colour?

I'm not certain, but Stephen King has not publicly disclosed a favorite color.

How many pages is the shining by Stephen king?

"The Shining" by Stephen King has around 447 pages.

Where did Stephen King write?

I LOVE STEPHEN KING! Anyway, Stephen King mostly writes at his home or in 'the shining's' case, a hotel in colorado. =) Mostly, he writes at his home in Maine, which is why most of his stories take place there.

Did they ever make a sequel to the shining?

No, there is no official sequel to "The Shining" written by Stephen King or adapted into a film. However, a sequel to the book titled "Doctor Sleep" was published by King in 2013, following the character Danny Torrance as an adult. It was later adapted into a film released in 2019.

What is Joey King's favorite book?

The Shining by Stephen King...he puts it in the freezer when he gets too scared. =)