How old is hanly blyton?

Updated: 3/25/2024
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There is no widely recognized public figure or celebrity named "Hanly Blyton" that I am aware of. It is possible that this may be a misspelling or confusion with another individual.

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Q: How old is hanly blyton?
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Does enid blyton have any siblings?

2 younger brothers - Hanly and Carey.

What was Enid Blyton's parent's names?

Her father was Thomas Carey Blyton. Her mother was Theresa Mary Blyton (nee Harrison). She had two younger brothers - Hanly and Carey

Did Enid blyton have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, Enid Blyton had two younger brothers named Hanly and Carey.

How old was Enid Blyton when her mum and dad died?

Thomas Carey Blyton (1870-1920), Father Enid Blyton was 23 years old Theresa Mary Harrison Blyton (1874-1950). Mother Enid Blyton was 53 years old

Who done the drawings in Old Thatch by Enid Blyton?

hugh blyton

When did Vincent Hanly die?

Vincent Hanly died in 1970.

When was Vincent Hanly born?

Vincent Hanly was born in 1899.

Did enid blyton haveany family?

Yes, Enid Blyton had a family. She married Hugh Pollock in 1924, and they had two daughters together. After her divorce from Pollock, she married Kenneth Darrell Waters in 1943.

How old was Enid Blyton at death?

Enid Blyton died on November 28, 1968 at the age of 71.

When did Enid Blyton divorce Pollock?

Enid Blyton divorced Hugh Pollock in 1942.

When did Frank Hanly die?

Frank Hanly died on 1920-08-01.

When was Frank Hanly born?

Frank Hanly was born on 1863-04-04.