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from their roots

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Plants release water vapor through a process called transpiration, which helps increase humidity in the atmosphere. This increased humidity can lead to the formation of clouds, which may eventually result in rainfall. Additionally, forests can influence local weather patterns and help in the cyclical process of rainfall through a phenomenon known as the "biotic pump."

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Q: How plants and trees help in bringing rain?
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How do plants and trees in the rain forest help improve air quality on Earth?

Plants and trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen and so help clean the air.

What type of plants and trees exist in a tropical rainforest?

rain trees?

An area of dense trees and plants with rain much of the year?

rain forest

Why does it take forever for the rain to hit the forest floor?

There is plants and trees in the way so the rain hits the plants.

Where is the quantity of plants and trees more?

In the rain forest.

What is trees and plants in tropical regions?

Rain forest

How does rain help plants?

rain helps plants because it just does!

Does rain help plants?

Yes. Plants need rain for water.

Do trees and plants help reduce deposition or erosion?

Yes, trees and plants can help reduce both deposition and erosion. Tree roots help hold soils in place, preventing erosion, while plants can slow down and filter water runoff, reducing deposition of sediments in rivers and streams. Additionally, the canopies of trees help break the force of wind and rain, which can also help prevent erosion.

Acid rain caused plants and trees to do what?

Acid precipitation falling on land washes away certain mineral ions, such as calcium and magnesium ions, that ordinarily help buffer the soil solution and are essential nutrients for plant growth. Since these nutrients are washed away, the plants and trees suffer and face a fate of death.[Acid rain caused plants and trees to die.]

What prevents the trees in the rain forest from blowing over?

Trees that live in places with high winds are able to bend with the wind. Also, all plants have roots that help keep them in the ground.

What natural resources in the amazon rain forest that can help you?

Trees (To climb away from nasty animals) Animals (Food) Water (From The River) AND plants that you can eat