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yes, he wanted to create equal trade routes

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Do you have any idea what they are talking about. 
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No, Machiavelli's description of an ideal prince in "The Prince" emphasizes qualities like ruthlessness and pragmatism, focusing on maintaining power and control. In contrast, Castiglione's "The Book of the Courtier" describes an ideal courtier as someone who embodies refined manners, intellect, and charm, prioritizing grace and social skills in the courtly setting. Thus, their perspectives on leadership and behavior in the princely court differ significantly.

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Q: Is Machiavelli description of an ideal prince consistent with that of castigliones courtier?
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What is the job description of a courtier?

A courtier is a person who usually attend court. The courtier started in England in the 1600's. Courtiers are high ranked and also may be the monarch or king.

How to compare The Book of the Courtier by Castiglione to The Prince by Machiavelli?

"The Book of the Courtier" by Castiglione emphasizes virtues such as grace, etiquette, and moral character as essential qualities for a successful courtier, whereas "The Prince" by Machiavelli focuses on political strategies and the acquisition and maintenance of power, often through ruthless and pragmatic means. While both works offer insights into the behavior of rulers and courtiers, they present contrasting views on ethics and leadership.

Which courtier to the royal family of the city-state of Mantua wrote a guide that described how a courtier should act while serving at court?

Baldassare Castiglione, an Italian Renaissance courtier, wrote "The Book of the Courtier" (Il Cortegiano). This work, published in 1528, provided a detailed description of the ideal courtier's behavior and skills at the court of the royal family of Mantua. It served as a guide for aspiring courtiers across Europe during the Renaissance era.

How does castiglione's the courtier and Machiavelli's the prince reflect the new outlook of the Italian renaissance and the humanist movement thank you?

Castiglione's "The Courtier" reflects the humanist movement of the Italian Renaissance by promoting the idea of the ideal courtier as a well-rounded individual with a mix of intellectual, physical, and social skills. On the other hand, Machiavelli's "The Prince" reflects the new outlook of the Italian Renaissance by emphasizing political realism and the importance of power and practicality in governing. Both works exemplify the diversity of thought and interests that characterized the Renaissance period.

Author of the courtier?

The Book of the Courtier, also called The Courtier, was written by Baldassare Castiglione.

What part of speech is courtier?

Courtier is a noun.

How do you you use the word courtier in a sentence?

The courtier to the king was looking as royal as him. This is a sentence containing courtier in it.

When was The Book of the Courtier created?

The Book of the Courtier was created in 1528.

When did castiglione write The Courtier?

Castiglione wrote The Courtier in 1527.

Who wrote The Courtier?

The Courtier, or Il Cortegiano, was written by Baldassare Castigleone in 1528.The Book of the Courtier was written by Baldassare Castiglione.

When was William Stafford - courtier - born?

William Stafford - courtier - was born in 1500.

What book published in 1528 instructed its readers that the french are over-ample and the Germans over-scanty?

The book published in 1528 that included this description was "The Courtier" by Baldassare Castiglione. This book is a dialogue on the qualities of an ideal courtier and provides insights into the cultural stereotypes of different European nationalities at the time.