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He went on a death march when Germany knew they were going to lose the war. No one ever heard from Peter ever again so you have to assume he died but you never know

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No, Peter van Daan, whose real name was Peter van Pels, died in the Mauthausen concentration camp in 1945. He was captured during the Holocaust and did not survive the war.

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Body lost or destroyed

Specifically: Historians are conflicted on whether he died in a concentration camp called Mauthausen or whether he died on a Death March.

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Q: Is peter van daan still alive?
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What is Peter Van Daan's real name?

Peter Van Daan didn't have a nickname. Back then, people weren't fans of calling others by shorten names. He was always named Peter.

Who moved in with the franks?

Mr Dussel Mr van Daan Mrs van Daan Peter van Daan

What is peters last name in anne frank?

Peter's last name in Anne Frank's diary is van Daan. He is referred to as Peter van Daan throughout the diary.

Who is mrs van daans son?

Peter van Pels/van Daan.

Is mrs van daan still alive?

No. She was brutally murdered at the age of 44. -7th Grader

How much older was peter van daan than Anne Frank?

Peter van Daan was three years older than Anne Frank.

Who is mr and mrs Van Daan?

Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan were a married couple who went into hiding with Anne Frank and her family during World War II in the Secret Annex in Amsterdam. Their real names were Hermann and Auguste van Pels. They had one son, Peter, who became friends with Anne Frank during their time in hiding.

Is it Peter van daan of Peter van pels?

It is Peter Van Pels, Anne was hiding his true identity in her diary "Kitty"

What are the three things that are important to each of the Van Daans?

Peter his cat mrs van daan her jewels and clothes, mr. van daan cigarettes

What was Peter's name in Anne Frank's Diary?

His name was Peter Van Daan.

What were Peter van Daan's hobbies?

Peter van Daan enjoyed reading books, especially history and geography. He also liked to draw and enjoyed spending time alone in his room.

How old was Peter Van Daan when he dies?

76 years