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give an example of a great man's dying words.

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"Tete d'armee" is not a correct French phrase. Napoleon actually said "Tete d'armΓ©e" which translates to "Head of the army" in English. This quote highlights Napoleon's emphasis on the importance of leadership and decision-making in the military.

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Mark Twain quoted Napoleon to show that "last words" don't have much meaning.

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Q: Mark Twain quoted Napoleon as saying Tete d'armee Head of the army in order to?
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Mark Twain quoted John Quincy Adams as saying this is the last of earth in order to?

give an example of a great man's dying words.

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For what reasons does Mark Twain suggest dying words for Louis Napoleon I am content to follow my uncle--still I do not wish to improve upon his last word Put me down for Tete d'ar?

Mark Twain implies Louis Napoleon wanted to demonstrate loyalty to his uncle, Napoleon I, by echoing his last words. However, he humorously suggests Louis Napoleon does not want to outdo his uncle by making his own last words more impressive or memorable, hence opting for a simple and possibly nonsensical phrase like "Tete d'ar."

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