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I'm not familiar with an artist named L J Green known for their Art Deco ink drawings. It's possible that this artist is not widely recognized or that their work may not be as well-known in the art world. You may want to conduct further research or seek out a specialist in Art Deco art to learn more about these specific drawings.

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Q: Set of three Art Deco ink drawings from the artist L J Green does anyone?
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Set of three Art Deco ink drawings from the artist L J Green does anyone have any information about them and to there valueThankyou?

Hi, Just done a search on google about this artist and your question popped up, can you tell me more about your items please? Thanks Alison Hi, She lived in Leicester and I am fairly sure that was a fashion designer. When she died a market trader bought all the pictures as a part of a house clearance framed them in bright Red or Green frames and hawked them around the east Midlands. If you would like to sell your three LJ Green pictures i would be happy to make you a reasonable offer. I am not a dealer but do like Greens style and would love them on my wall. Best wishes

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