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She wasn't dumb in the modern sense of the word (lacking intelligence), but was not able to communicate normally via speech. She was deaf and blind.

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Helen Keller was deaf and blind but not dumb. While she did lose her ability to see and hear at a young age, Keller was able to learn to communicate effectively through tactile sign language and eventually became a prominent author and political activist.

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she wasn't dumb she was deaf and blind so no she can't speak and she learned how to read and communicate learn your history.

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Q: Was Helen Keller deaf blind and dumb?
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Did Helen Keller have a disease?

Helen Keller had an illness that made her deaf and blind. Since she's deaf, she was also dumb.

What is one of Helen Keller's disabilties?

She was mute, deaf, blind, and considered dumb.

Who or what did Helen Keller give money to?

Helen Keller gave money to a deaf blind dumb 5 year old boy named Tommy stringer when she was only 11.

What did Helen Keller overcame?

Helen Keller overcame being deaf and blind from a young age and went on to become a renowned author, activist, and lecturer. With the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan, Keller learned to communicate through touch, sign language, and Braille, and became an inspiration to many around the world.

When Helen Keller visit Pakistan?

Helen Keller visited Pakistan in 1956. During her visit, she met with various officials and addressed audiences on topics such as the importance of education and empowering individuals with disabilities. Her visit left a lasting impact on the people of Pakistan.

What describes Helen Keller?

Bold, Daring, Brave, Blind, Dumb, Def, and Courageous.

Description of Helen Keller?

Helen Keller (1880-1968) was an American author, lecturer, and activist. She was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Keller was a prominent advocate for people with disabilities and women's suffrage. She overcame her disabilities to become an inspirational figure known for her courage and determination.

What words described Helen Keller?

Bold, Daring, Brave, Blind, Dumb, Def, and Courageous.

Helen Keller and louise braille who are they?

louie brailles dad used to make pant buckles and used this tool for it. but one day he was hanging out with his dad and cut his eye then he became blind. When he grew up he invented braille. Helen Keller lived in a family where they had plantions. When she was just a baby she became blind and deaf. People thought she was dumb but she was smart. When she grew up she helped the world.

Who is Helen Keller?

john batty keller

Was Helen Keller dumb?

I assume you mean "Was Helen Keller unable to speak", to which the answer is she did learn to speak.

When did Helen Keller become sick?

Helen Keller became sick at the age of 19 months, which resulted in her being left blind and deaf.