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Some themes in Persuasion, Jane Austen include:

  • Love vs. marriage i.e should you marry for love as Anne does, or for security and wealth as Mary does?
  • Old Generation vs. New generation-Old includes Sir Walter Elliot and Lady Russell, New includes Wentworth, Anne, Louisa, Henrietta, Captain Benwick
  • Theme of the Navy
  • Social class (a common theme in all Jane Austen's novels)
  • Persuasion obviously - should you be guided by your own feelings or allow others to influence your decisions?

Persuasion is also about waiting. It speaks of patience, fortitude and forgiveness as well as getting over ones pride to give yourself and love a second chance.

It speaks of how even love can come out stronger through a test of time. While Anne at times regrets the lost time, she had the comfort of knowing that the love was deep and true and eventually hers forever :)

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Some of the themes in "Persuasion" include social class, the consequences of past decisions, the nature of love and relationships, and the importance of self-awareness and growth. Jane Austen explores these themes through the experiences of the characters as they navigate societal expectations and personal desires.

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Q: What are some of the themes in 'Persuasion'?
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