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Consumer cooperative society is that society that procure assortment of household goods to its members @ a cheapest possible price and ensures availability of this goods to its members @ anytime is been needed. However some functions they perform are as follows : (1) selling of pure and unadulterated goods (2) ensuring availability of goods (3) selling @ a very reasonable price (4) ensuring that the goods are sold with good measure and weight (5) helping the government in distribution policy especially during the period of scarcity (6) educating its members.

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Consumer cooperative societies provide members with access to quality goods and services at affordable prices through collective purchasing power. They also promote financial inclusion and empowerment by allowing members to pool resources and share in profits. Additionally, these societies help build a sense of community and foster cooperation among members.

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Q: What are the functions of consumer cooperative society?
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What are the functions of cooperative society?

the public function of a cooperative society is related work other then it's members

What are the Functions of producers cooperative?

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What are the functions of thrift and credit cooperative society?

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What are the functions of society?

the public function of a cooperative society is related work other then it's members

What is cooperative societies and the types of cooperative societies?

cooperative society is a voluntary association of people for their common economic development. Types: consumer cooperative producers cooperative market cooperative credit cooperative framing cooperative

Names of cooperative societies in Nigeria?

A cooperative societies or businesses are places where people can pay to have a share in a crop or livestock, as well as other products. They also help take care of the crop or livestock in turns. Some of these in Nigeria are: consumer cooperative society, thrift and credit cooperative society, retail and wholesale cooperative society.

List of cooperative societies in nigeria?

1. Consumer Coperative society 2. Thrift and credit coperative society 3. Retail coperative society 4. Wholesale coperaty society

Names of consumer cooperatives in Nigeria with addresses?

1.Dunlop Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Society. Dunlop Nigeria Plc, Oba Akran avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria 2.

Is cooperative society a voluntary organisation?

Yes, Cooperative society is a voluntary organization.

Can a consumer purchase a vehicle on behalf of a cooperative?

Yes, a consumer can purchase a vehicle on behalf of a cooperative as long as the cooperative agrees and provides authorization for the purchase. The consumer would need to follow the cooperative's guidelines and procedures for such purchases to ensure compliance with their policies.

The formation of cooperative society in Nigeria?

nigeria cooperative moverment in country

What is cooperative society in Bangladesh?

cooperative society is an voluntary association of people who get together voluntarily for their common interest and benefit.