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round,flat,static and dynamic.

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In "Old Story Time" by Trevor Rhone, the characters have complex personalities. For example, Miss Aggy is seen as traditional and controlling, while Len is depicted as ambitious and determined. Characters like George represent the struggle of identity and self-discovery.

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Q: What are the personalities of the characters in old story time?
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In the golden goose who are the round characters?

In "The Golden Goose," the round characters are the characters who undergo significant development and change throughout the story. These include the protagonist of the story and his companions who accompany him on his journey, such as the knight and the princess. They are portrayed with complex personalities and evolve as the narrative progresses.

Who are the characters in the story the old man at the bridge?

"The Old Man at the Bridge" is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway. The main character is an old man who is displaced due to war and is contemplating his situation as he sits by a bridge. There are no other prominent characters in the story.

Characters of faith love time and Dr Lazaro?

The characters are Dr. Lazaro himself, Ben Lazaro his son, Mrs. Lazaro; and Pedro Esteban and Esteban's week-old baby. an old man, old woman and a ten year old boy was also mentioned in the story.

Who are the characters of the aged mother story?

jgffhfjhof course she is the mother who is old

Who are characters of the story of aged mother?

jgffhfjhof course she is the mother who is old

Who are the characters in old story time?

the character arepa ben- the story tellermiss aggy- lenns motherlennpearl- lenn's childhood friendgeorge/ missa maclois- lenns wifemargaret- a fair skinned indian

Who are the round characters in the story the golden goose?

Round characters: Dummling, The old man from the forest , the king Flat characters: The goose, the followers, the king's daughter

What is pa ben's role in old story time?

Pa ben is the narrator of Old Story Time

What is the theme for old story time?

the themes for old story time is:poverty,love and family relationship,obeah and alot more.

How old is susy and Clara in of mice and men?

In "Of Mice and Men," Susy and Clara are not characters in the story. The main characters are George Milton and Lennie Small.

Who was the Romeo in Romeo and Juliet story?

Romeo was Juliet's lover. As well as being one of the main Characters in the story. Son of Old Montague .

Characters of the story The key by Mark Van Doren?

the characters are:Mrs.Homka-old womanEd-brother of Mrs. HomkaClara-Wife of edSteve-Husband of Mrs.HomkaPlasterniks-ComplainantPolice